Monday, October 19, 2009

Random updates/thoughts

I don't have anything profound to say, I just realized that Wheatblossom is completely taking up my blogging efforts... as it should be! I am having so much fun with it, I even have a new follower! I have no idea who she is but I love her for wanting to know what I have to say about weddings.

On another note, when I decided to take one of the most difficult undergrad classes offered at WSU, why didn't someone knock me over the head and remind me that I already have a degree??? I must admit that I feel like a total smarty-pants though... I got a 97% on my first exam! Color me shocked, it was the hardest test I have ever taken in my life, save the GMAT... that thing is the spawn of the devil. Nate thinks accounting should be my new career path since I'm doing so well... he thinks having a sugar mama would be a pretty sweet deal. I think you'd have to be crazy to want to "play" with numbers for a living. I have acquired some accountant in-laws and I make sure to tell them this pretty much every time we speak.

In other news, Nate and I are heading to Maui in T- 6 days with some of our besties, The Honeycutts. I know, I know, we just got back from a nice big vacay (a.k.a. the honeymoon) but we feel that it is important to spoil ourselves and spend as much QT together as possible before we start thinking about doing that thing that everyone asks you when you're going to start doing like the day after you get married... yeah, start a family. Not in the cards for us quite yet, but with lots of our friends having these cute babies, I must say it is quite tempting :) But I LOVE sleep! How do you mommies do it?? I stalk lots of mom blogs and it seems like they spend more time during the night feeding than getting their much needed rest.

Okay, that's all for now. Be sure to visit my other blog and show me some comment love!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wedding Blog, Check!

I did it! I finally started a wedding blog! I have been talking/thinking about doing this for FAR too long now, so today on my lunch break I realized that there is no time like the present, finally! I have decided to call her (yes, her... a wedding blog is obviously a female) Wheat Blossom Weddings. Why? I like the word "blossom" and wheat reminds me of my new hometown, Pullman :)

So, if you would be so kind as to add my new baby to the list of other blogs you stalk, I would be forever grateful!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lost & Found

If you are judging the context of this post by its title and thinking that this is going to be about some great insight I had into how I once was lost and now found through some great life changing epiphany, its not. I simply need to vent about my hatred for being the center of the Lost & Found for Todd Hall at WSU. Some background: Todd Hall is the largest building in which classes are taught at this fine university. Most of them are business classes, since this is where the College of Business is housed, but there are many other classes taught here as well. That being said, there is a ton of student, and faculty, traffic and people are forgetful so there are at least 3 people a day who come to my office looking for their favorite mug, olive green sweater, Women Studies book, etc.

The other day, a student came up to my desk hoping a cell phone she had lost was turned in. Unfortunately, no such luck. I wanted to tell her to check EBay, but I digressed. So, I have her write down her contact information and a description of the lost phone and ensure her that if it pops up, I will let her know. She then proceeds to tell me that she is pretty sure her phone was stolen. I ask her why (my first mistake, does this look like a police station?) and she goes on about how one minute it was there on her desk, and then next it wasn't, and she saw someone eyeing it, so she's pretty sure it was said person, yaddah yaddah yaddah... then she asks me what I am going to do to track the culprit down? (Insert blank stare on my face here). I think she expected me to leap over my cubicle and hunt the thief down. Seriously? I don't get paid enough. Period. While there is a clause in my job description that states that I will "perform other duties as assigned", I don't think that tracking down criminals falls into that category. That said, I told her to call the po-po's. Pretty sure they aren't going to care either.

The End. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

What's in a name?

I know, I know, two posts in one day - hold me back! Inspiration has struck so I feel the need to write... I am going to start a wedding blog and a cute name for said blog popped into my head yesterday, so I thought I would google it up to see if it already exists... not only does "Isn't She Lovely" already exist, she's pretty darn cute to boot. So peeps, I need some inspiration. There are A ZILLION MILLION wedding blogs out there (trust me, I stalk them all) and I need a name that pops. What will this blog entail, you ask? I would like to inspire brides with fabulous, innovative wedding planning and design ideas, but at the end of the day I want them to pay me to do it for them :) So I will be posting some homemade creativity a la yours truly. Any name suggestions are much appreciated!

Well, hello there...

You might say it's been a while since my last post... I've been a bit busy. Since my last post in, ahem, MARCH, I have become a godmother, planned a wedding, gained a husband, traveled, was told I would lose my job, got a new job, lost a loved one, and started taking classes among other things.

Let the updates begin!... after I get off work :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Diaper Cakes!

Two weekends ago, I traveled over to Seattle to attend a couple baby showers for my good friends Kristen and Kelsey. We had a lot of fun getting the babies to kick for their aunties and admiring all of the cute stuff they got. For my gift, I decided to make diaper cakes... sounds kind of disgusting, right? Well, just to clarify, the diapers are brand spanking new. Think 3-layer wedding cake, minus all of the cake and frosting plus a bunch of diapers and baby goodies. Okay, enough explanation, I'll let the pics speak for themselves...

Parker's (Kristen's) cake

Kelsey's cake

If anyone needs a fun shower gift, let me know! I absolutely LOVE making these and would be thrilled to help you come up with a theme and create a personalized cake that reflects the mama's personality :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedding Countdown... 3 months to go!!!

Holy cow, I just looked at my little wedding countdown and can't even believe it! It feels like we have been engaged for sooooo long and we're finally getting closer!!! I'm getting so excited... I just ordered my invitations on Monday from, they are really stinkin' cute and CHEAP! By far the best prices I have seen. I was really tempted to make my own, but was slightly discouraged after handwriting all of the addresses on our save-the-dates (all 200 +)... even that was a lot of work!!! Don't get me wrong, I love an art project, and I have pretty fabulous handwriting if I do say so myself, but I would suggest to any other bride to get the return address printed on the envelope and hire a caligrapher, 'nuf said. Anyway, here's a sample of what they will look like, with slightly different wording:

Oh, you love them? Me too! They are very "Lindsay". I would also like to share some of my engagement pics done by one of my incredibly talented bridesmaids, Kristen Honeycutt ( gotta plug the business :)

I need to learn how to post pictures without distorting them... sorry Kristen! Anyway, here's a link to her blog where you can see the originals and the rest of her amazing work!