Friday, March 6, 2009

Wedding Countdown... 3 months to go!!!

Holy cow, I just looked at my little wedding countdown and can't even believe it! It feels like we have been engaged for sooooo long and we're finally getting closer!!! I'm getting so excited... I just ordered my invitations on Monday from, they are really stinkin' cute and CHEAP! By far the best prices I have seen. I was really tempted to make my own, but was slightly discouraged after handwriting all of the addresses on our save-the-dates (all 200 +)... even that was a lot of work!!! Don't get me wrong, I love an art project, and I have pretty fabulous handwriting if I do say so myself, but I would suggest to any other bride to get the return address printed on the envelope and hire a caligrapher, 'nuf said. Anyway, here's a sample of what they will look like, with slightly different wording:

Oh, you love them? Me too! They are very "Lindsay". I would also like to share some of my engagement pics done by one of my incredibly talented bridesmaids, Kristen Honeycutt ( gotta plug the business :)

I need to learn how to post pictures without distorting them... sorry Kristen! Anyway, here's a link to her blog where you can see the originals and the rest of her amazing work!

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Naslund Family said...

Holy cow...3 months! I am so excited for you :) I love the invitation, Costco is the greatest. Kristen took amazing pictures, my favorite is the one looking through the truck window. She is amazing! Can't wait for the big day.