Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lost & Found

If you are judging the context of this post by its title and thinking that this is going to be about some great insight I had into how I once was lost and now found through some great life changing epiphany, its not. I simply need to vent about my hatred for being the center of the Lost & Found for Todd Hall at WSU. Some background: Todd Hall is the largest building in which classes are taught at this fine university. Most of them are business classes, since this is where the College of Business is housed, but there are many other classes taught here as well. That being said, there is a ton of student, and faculty, traffic and people are forgetful so there are at least 3 people a day who come to my office looking for their favorite mug, olive green sweater, Women Studies book, etc.

The other day, a student came up to my desk hoping a cell phone she had lost was turned in. Unfortunately, no such luck. I wanted to tell her to check EBay, but I digressed. So, I have her write down her contact information and a description of the lost phone and ensure her that if it pops up, I will let her know. She then proceeds to tell me that she is pretty sure her phone was stolen. I ask her why (my first mistake, does this look like a police station?) and she goes on about how one minute it was there on her desk, and then next it wasn't, and she saw someone eyeing it, so she's pretty sure it was said person, yaddah yaddah yaddah... then she asks me what I am going to do to track the culprit down? (Insert blank stare on my face here). I think she expected me to leap over my cubicle and hunt the thief down. Seriously? I don't get paid enough. Period. While there is a clause in my job description that states that I will "perform other duties as assigned", I don't think that tracking down criminals falls into that category. That said, I told her to call the po-po's. Pretty sure they aren't going to care either.

The End. :)

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