Friday, January 23, 2009

Who sells a church??

Sounds a bit sacreligous to me... but they are selling the church Nate and I had planned to get married in! I'm so sad! Not only for obvious reasons, but because this is also the church I was baptized in :( I'm totally bummed. It sounds like a top ten list on David Letterman... You know the economy is in the crapper when... Anyway, my prayers go out to the people who currently attend the church. I know it can be a challenge to find a church you really feel at home with, so I wish them the best of luck finding another one. If anyone has any suggestions on where we could relocate, it would be greatly appreciated :)

Friday, January 9, 2009


So, I realized my true professional destiny the other day.... I had a dentist appointment scheduled for about a week ago and the office called to cancel because the hygienist was snowed in. No big deal, but it kind of lingered in the back of my mind for the next few days. Then, later that night, I was standing in my bathroom, picking at the dried up pieces of hairspray on my Big Sexy Hair can when it hit me... I LOVE to pick at things! Gross, I know... it is seriously an addiction. Living in the sorority only fueled my fire... so many hairspray bottles, so little time. Then I started thinking about my snowed in dental hygienist again... that girl gets to pick at things ALL DAY Long... and get paid for it! Badda bing - professional destiny! I always thought it would be fun to have a job in the medical profession, but weak stomach for syringes suggested otherwise. The good news, dental hygienists don't use needles! The assistants and doctors do that part... all I would do is pick and clean! Perfection! Plus, they get paid quite well and have the best schedule... I swear dentist offices are hardly ever open.

So, here's the downfall: There is not one dental hygiene program on the Palouse... well there's one at LCSC but they only take the Idahoans... something about a state grant paying for the program. I feel so stuck! Finally my life's true calling realized and nothing I can do about it... for right now. Unfortunately there is no such thing as an on-line dental hygiene program as the majority of what you learn is very hands on. Ugh... anyway, for now I'm just going to pray, and try to coerce admissions at LCSC, that maybe this one time they could let one little Washingtonian into their program. Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nate!!!

Today is the future hubby's quarter-century mark! I couldn't be more excited to be marrying such an AMAZING man in just five short months!!! In honor of the big day, I would like to list 25 things about Nate that make me the luckiest woman in the world :)

1. He loves ME!

2. His passion for the work he does... he goes into the office early like every day, just for fun??

3. He is much cleaner than me, and I think its starting to rub off

4. He's pretty stinkin' cute

5. His patience, one of the virtues I am sadly lacking

6. He takes Penny out to do her business at night when its dark and I just can't do it!

7. His respect for marriage in general... his grandparents are his idols

8. He makes me coffee in the morning

9. He scrapes my car when it is snowy/icy... he knows I take way too long to get ready in the morning to have time for that!

10. He does number 9 with a smile on his face :)

11. He is a true man's man

12. We can disagree and just talk about it without getting too heated

13. He knows how to apologize, simple, but important!

14. He is going to be an AMAZING dad one day... he is so great with kids

15. He doesn't care about the wedding details, at the end of the day, he just wants me to be his wife

16. He doesn't judge me for being obsessed with a vampire :)

17. He looks too cute in his glasses

18. He is a believer, but we could both work on showing it bit more...

19. He is happily participating in pre-marital counseling, which should help us both with 18!

20. He makes me laugh!

21. He makes me feel beautiful, sans make-up in nasty gray sweatpants

22. I learn something new about him all the time, especially when we take long car rides.

23. He is a true farm boy

24. He loves to snuggle

25. He is mine forever :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to us!

This month Nate and I are celebrating the big 2-5... seriously?! When did we reach our mid-twenties?

I haven't posted any pics from the holidays yet, but they are coming! I need to get the usb cord back from the future mother-in-law :)

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!!!